Charge and discharge equipment is one of the most important processes in lithium-ion battery manufacturing to determine the quality of lithium-ion batteries by repeatedly charging and discharging them at a specified current, voltage, and temperature. Charge and discharge testing is one of the most important processes in lithium-ion battery manufacturing. High-precision charge/discharge inspection, excellent safety, and energy saving are required at the same time. We manufacture advanced charge/discharge testing equipment based on our unique electrical control technology, and have sold many of these products to users in Japan and overseas. In addition to our existing power supply lineup, we develop power supplies to meet required specifications, and can handle everything from testing equipment to mass production machines.


The slitter for LiB unwinds a roll of metal foil or an electrode plate, continuously cuts (slits) it to an arbitrary width, and rewinds it into a roll.
We can also propose waste material collection equipment after slitting.

Slitter Standard Specification

Slitting Knife: Gang + Shear
Slitting Width: Max. 1400mm
Slitting Lane: Max. 2 ~ 11 lanes
Slitting Speed: Max. 100m/min, Nor. 70m.min
Option: Visual Inspection System
Delivery: 8 months (FOB) 

Cylindrical Type (Auto Turret)


Integration: Calendar + Slitting

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