Roller Hearth Kiln Solutions for Battery Material Calcination

What is Roller Hearth Kiln (RHK)?

Roller Hearth Kiln (RHK) is a continuous firing furnace which transports products using ceramic rollers.
RHK provides outstanding temperature uniformity, cleanliness and heat efficiency.

₋ Uniform Temperature Distribution: RHK’s roller transportation method makes radiant heating from all direction possible.

- Clean Atmosphere: RHK materials are composed of ceramics which helps maintain a clean atmosphere.

- Energy Saving and Space Saving: The combination of uniform heating and high speed firing allow for high efficiency production with energy and space savings.


    • Roller Hearth Kiln (RHK):

      - We have experienced many projects globally for Lithium ion battery cathode and anode active materials
    • - From R&D scale to pilot scale and mass production scale
    • - Uniform temperature distribution
    • - High throughput by utilizing special rollers
    • - Best insulation material selection to fit customers' application
    • - Gas flow control
    • - High speed continuous firing
    • - Temperature : up to 1,620℃
    • - All ceramic materials used inside the firing chamber - No metal contamination
    • - Tailor made design for your materials and factory layout
    • - Fully automated sagger handling system (option)

    *R&D scale batch kiln (RHK-Simulator)

Roller Hearth Kiln is best solution for Lithium-ion battery materials

We can offer automated sagger handling systems for your production.

The Lithium-ion battery market requires large amount of cathode and anode production.

Our sagger handling system can cover high volume production rates with optimized footprints.  


Our Experiences

  • - Lithium-ion battery cathode materials (All types of cathode active materials; LCO, NCM, NCA, LFP, etc)
  • - Lithium-ion battery anode materials (All types of anode materials; Carbon, Silicon Anode, LTO)
  • - Electrolyte materials for solid state battery
  • - Ceramic materials; Alumina, Zirconia and others
  • - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • - MLCC

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