MIXING SYSTEMS for Electrode production

Mixing process is to make slurry by active material, conductive material, binder and solvent, and ensure  uniform distribution by accuarately inputting through metering, mixing and stiming by powder supply device.
The mixing process usually consists of the following process .

  1. 1. Supplying powder(active material, etc) to mixer.
  2. 2. Pre-dispesion of binder or conductive material before main mixing for mixing effciency.
  3. 3. Main mixing of active material, conductive material, binder, etc.
  4. 4. Storing the produced slurry and transferring it to the next process, the coating procss.

POWDER TRANSFER SYSTEMS for Electrode production

PTS(Powder Transfer System) is to transfer powder quntitively and smoothly by using air or vacuum.

PD Mixer

PD mxier has twist blades to generate big power for Kneading and stirring, and have despa for high spped disperion at the same time.
Because of efficient mixing and high volumn, PD mixer is the most common mixer used in manufacturing secondary battery slurry equiment.

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