Coating process

Coating process is a key process in battery manufacturing, and is a facility for coating and drying cathode slurry and anode slurry on metal foils such as aluminum and copper.
In many cases, slot dies are used as the coating method, but we can propose continuous coating, intermittent coating, double-sided simultaneous coating, etc. according to the customer's electrode manufacturing process.


Coater Standard Specification

- Coating Density & Thickness Quality : ±1.5% & ±1.5um

Winding Type:          Auto Turret
Coating Width:        Max. 1400mm (Anode), Nor. 680mm
Machine Speed:       80m/min
Coating Speed:         Nor. 70m/min (18mg/cm2)
Coating Type:            Slot Die
Coating Mode:          Stripe & Intermittent
Coating Thickness: Nor. 200µm (One side)
Foil Feeding Type:   Roll Support
Drying Zone:             1F/L 5m x 12 zones = 60m
                                           2F/L 5m x 12 zones = 60m
Heating source:       1. Electric heater  2. Steam  3. Hot oil
Option:                          Loading Density Measuring, Ceramic Coating
Delivery:                       12 months (FOB)

*This specification is a standard specification, and we can make proposals according to the customer's electrode manufacturing process.

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